We couldn't have done this without YOU!

There is no way we can adequately thank all of our volunteers, other than for them to know their work may ultimately benefit hundreds of thousands (and potentially millions) of Oregonians whom they will never meet.

That said, we still want to express our deepest appreciation for the hard work of ALL our volunteers, especially over this past 6 months.

In particular, there are a few individuals who worked tirelessly throughout this time, or who helped establish the current public banking effort in Oregon and brought to it the kind of effort and energy that helped us be better organized and more effective.  Those people include the following:

Scott Shurtleff
Greg Anderson
Michael Wade

Scott, Greg and Michael formed the heart of our Research Team,
produced numerous documents that will continue to be helpful moving forward
and stepped up for double duty by also showing up to numerous meetings
with legislators, mayors and city council members, lobbyists and others along the way.
Thank you, Scott, Greg and Michael!



Rick Staggenborg

Rick headed up our Cities Outreach effort that resulted in meetings
with mayor and council members around the state and helped lead
to our endorsement by the Metropolitan Mayors Consortium.
Thank you, Rick!



Robin Bloomgarden
Harriet Cooke

Robin and Harriet worked with on our Lobby Team in different ways.
Robin worked tirelessly to get many meetings with potential key supporters,
especially in and around Eugene, while Harriet brought her magic for messaging
to help orchestrate our testimony in our Committee Hearings in 2019 and 2021
Thank you, Robin and Harriet!




Ron Buel
David Delk
James Ofsink

Ron, David and James were instrumental in getting this effort going, doing the early legwork, 
drafting the initial legislation, and helping orchestrate a successful transitioned from a Portland-focus
to a statewide effort, with James taking care of our tech needs, David sharing a vision, courting
numerous supporters and serving as our first Chair, and Ron serving as our second Chair.
Thank you, Ron, David and James!




Julia DeGraw

Julia has served as our touch-stone, formed strategy, rallied our troops,
wooed and coordinated allies, developed and maintained key relationships,
shepherded both our bills through successful committee hearings, and 
effectively served as our unpaid lobbyist for the past several years. 
Thank you, Julia!





Nate Brauer Reike

Nate has attended nearly all our meetings, taken copious notes,
handled logistics and tech needs, set up meetings, and represented us well,
especially with more conservative legislators. Good staff is crucial to success.
In a word, Nate has been there for us and been solid.
Thank you, Nate!

We could never afford such an amazing team! While we can’t pay you what you’re worth, we can buy you a cup of coffee! We hope you will accept a Starbucks (or other) gift card as a token of our appreciation, and that you will remember how much we really do appreciate you every time you see it in your wallet and realize you should have used it the last time you bought a cup of coffee!  🙂