A municipal bank makes so much sense - we can actually benefit from OUR money!
Bill Bradburry
Former Oregon Secretary of State

Endorsing Organizations:


Metropolitan Mayors Consortium representing mayors from:

  • City of Beaverton
  • City of Canby
  • City of Cornelius
  • City of Durham
  • City of Fairview
  • City of Forest Grove
  • City of Gresham
  • City of Happy Valley
  • City of Hillsboro
  • City of King City
  • City of Lake Oswego
  • City of Maywood Park
  • City of Milwaukie
  • City of North Plains
  • City of Oregon City
  • City of Portland
  • City of Rivergrove
  • City of Sherwood
  • City of Tigard
  • City of Troutdale
  • City of Tualatin
  • City of West Linn
  • City of Wilsonville
  • City of Wood Village

Supporters of Public Bank Initiatives Nationwide:

The hard-working people of Milwaukie are investing in safe routes to school and other important infrastructure that will make our city more equitable, more livable, and more sustainable. We call that our SAFE program, and over the 9 years it will take to build it out, we may well spend over $50 million in interest. If municipal banks had been available before we started, we could have saved at least $20 million, and much of the interest it cost us would have stayed in the community, instead of the pockets of Wallstreet. Cities all over the state are investing in critical infrastructure and Wallstreet bankers are reaping the benefits. It's time to keep our money in the local economy.
Mark Gamba
Mayor of Milwaukie