The VisionKeeping our money local: reinvesting profits back into our communities through public banking.

The Great Recession magnified the financial inequality of American society. People responded. The 99%. A movement joined in understanding that our largest financial institutions don't work for us and looking for what works. Some saw the Bank of North Dakota and asked why is that bank not suffering the financial crisis? A state bank. A public institution. And seeing the success of the largest public bank in America, a movement began. For public banks. For people. To create that same resilience at the local and regional level. The ability to manage our public money with municipal banks is growing from California to DC, in cities throughout the country.
We can bring greater economic justice to Oregon. To our cities, our businesses, our community. With your help, we will!
Municipal public banks support the local economy and community by reinvesting profits back into the community–a fundamental difference from the too-big-to-fail money center banks.